About Me

My name is A'Leah Martin. I am the owner of Jane's Beauty Clothing. I've always had a love for Fashion. This excitement stemmed from my mother and grandmother who were both very stylish. My mother was a seamstress who creatively made many of my childhood clothing pieces. My grandmother always stressed to me the importance of quality clothing and many other things.  During my high school years my passion began to bloom as I started to find my own style. I learned what looked and fit best on my body and what made me feel good. 

Jane’s Beauty Clothing is named after my late Grandmother  Betty Jane who I miss very dearly. My hope is to empower women to look and feel amazing at all times.

Jane's Beauty Clothing is inspired by clothing that looks and feels good!

We make it easy to obtain high QUALITY clothing that is STYLISH and AFFORDABLE.

This company started with a vision, and a huge amount of support from family and friends that prayed and helped me execute my goals in opening my first personal business.

Entrepreneurship is very hard, however being in control and working independently is a major reward.

Happy Shopping!!!!

A’Leah Martin